Christmas Songs!

Welcome to a temporary page to share the lyrics for the songs we’ll be singing on Zoom on Friday 18th Dec, in case you want to join in!  Merry Christmas!

Bright New Year (Alec Thompson)

  1. Now all around is cold and chill, but take good heart, fear no ill,

For through the frost of winter comes a bright new year.

A bright new year, A bright new year

For through the frost of winter comes a bright new year.


  1. Food and drink to make us grow, swell the seed that we would sow,

So comes the rain in springtime and a bright new year.


3.Warmth and light to make us strong, bring the ripest fruit along

So comes the sun in summer and a bright new year.


  1. When harvest time has gone around blow out the chaff, clear the ground

So comes the wind in autumn and a bright new year.


  1. So when all around is cold and chill, take good heart, fear no ill,

For through the frost of winter comes a bright new year.


The Holly and the Ivy

  1. Oh the holly and the ivy,

When they are both full grown,

Of all the trees that are in the wood,

The holly bears the crown.


Oh the rising of the sun, 

And the running of the deer,

The playing of the merry organ,

Sweet singing in the choir.


  1. Oh the holly bears a blossom,

As white as lily flower,

And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ,

To be our sweet saviour.


  1. Oh the holly bears a berry,

As red as any blood,

And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ,

To do poor sinners good.


  1. Oh the holly bears a prickle,

As sharp as any thorn,

And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ,

On Christmas day in the morn.


  1. Oh the holly bears a bark,

As bitter as any gall,

And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ,

For to redeem us all.


While Shepherds Watched

1.While shepherds watch’d their flocks by night,

All seated on the ground,

The angel of the Lord came down,

And glory shone around.


2.“Fear not”, said he, for mighty dread,

Had seized their troubled mind;

“Glad tidings of great joy I bring,

To you and all mankind.”


3.“To you in David’s town this day,

Is born of David’s line,

A Saviour who is Christ the Lord,

And this shall be the sign.”


4.“All glory be to God on high,

And to the earth be peace;

Good-will henceforth from heaven to men,

Begin and never cease.”



The Boar’s Head Carol

  1. The boar’s head in hand bear I

Bedeck’d with bays and rosemary.

And I pray you, my masters, be merry

Quot estis in convivio.

Caput apri defero

Reddens laudes Domino.


  1. The boar’s head, as I understand

Is the rarest dish in all this land

Which thus bedeck’d with a gay garland

Let us servire cantico.


  1. Our steward hath provided this

In honour of the King of Bliss;

Which on this day to be served is

In Reginensi atrio.



The First Noel

1.The first Noel the angels did say

Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay;

In fields where they lay, a-keeping their sheep,

On a cold winter’s night that was so deep:

Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel, Born is the King of Israel.


2.They looked up and saw a star,

Shining in the east, beyond them far:

And to the earth it gave great light,

And so it continued both day and night


  1. This star drew nigh to the north-west;

O’er Bethlehem it took its rest;

And there it did both stop and stay

Right over the place where Jesus lay


4.Then let us all with one accord

Sing praises to our heavenly Lord

That hath made heaven and earth of nought,

And with his blood mankind hath bought:



  1. Hark, Hark! What news those angels bring?

Glad tidings of a new-born King.

Born of a maid, a Virgin pure,

Born without sin, from guilt secure.


  1. Hail, mighty Prince, eternal King,

Let heaven and earth rejoice and sing;

Angels and men, with one accord,

Break forth in song to praise the Lord.


  1. Behold, He comes and leaves the skies,

Awake ye slumbering mortals, rise.

Awake to joy and hail the morn,

A Saviour of this world was born.



God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen!

1.God rest you merry, gentlemen,

Let nothing you dismay,

Remember Christ our Saviour

Was born on Christmas day,

To save us all from Satan’s pow’r

When we were gone astray;

O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy,

O tidings of comfort and joy,


2.From God our heavenly Father

A blessed angel came.

Unto some certain shepherds

With tidings of the same,

That he was born in Bethlehem

The Son of God by name:


3.With sudden joy and gladness,

The shepherds were beguil’d,

To see the Babe of Israel

Before his mother mild.

O then with joy and cheerfulness

Rejoice each mother’s child.


4.Now to the Lord sing praises,

All you within this place

Like we true loving brethren,

Each other to embrace,

For the merry time of Christmas

Is coming on a-pace.


Wordsworth’s Bones (Pete Smith)

1.No daffodils here to host these hills,

just crisp-like leaves and Autumn tones

And wind formed shapes on Loughrigg Tarn,

That dance and swirl round Wordsworth’s bones


Sing to the moon and the stars will shine

Dance for the Sun on Winter’s morn

Remember the life that’s just passed by

And cherish the life that’s just been born


2.And ice cold winds o’er Langdale Pikes,

drag rain filled clouds that strain and moan

Then down their way to Skelwith Bridge,

to dance and swirl round Wordsworth’s bones


3.No skylarks songs to fill this air,

just Corbies twa stand all falorn

By icy waters, Dippers dare

To dance and swirl round Wordsworth’s bones


4.All the rain and dew from every hill,

will find its way o’er crag and stone

And bursts its way through Skelwith Force

To dance and swirl round Wordsworth’s bones


5.And soon this place all covered snow,

will light the way to New Year born

And a host of bright new daffodils

Will dance and swirl round Wordsworth’s bones


Ding dong! Merrily on high

  1. Ding dong! Merrily on high

In heav’n the bells are ringing:

Ding dong! Verily the sky

Is riv’n with Angel singing.

Gloria, Hosanna in excelsis!


2.E’en so here below, below,

Let steeple bells be swungen,

And “Io, io, io!”

By priest and people sungen.


3.Pray you, dutifully prime

Your matin chime, ye ringers;

May you beautifully rime

Your evetime song, ye singers.


Back Lane

  1. Behold the Grace appears,

The promise is fulfilled,

Mary the wondrous Virgin bears,

And Jesus is the child.


  1. “Go, humble swains” said he,

“To David’s City fly,

The promised infant born today

Doth in a manger lie.”


  1. With looks and hearts serene,

Go visit Christ your King,

And straight a flaming troupe was seen,

The shepherds heard them sing.


Awake, awake, ye saints awake,

And hail this day our saviour’s born!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Hallelujah! Praise ye the Lord!