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Jess and Richard Arrowsmith are traditional musicians and singers who specialise in English music and song. They perform as a duo using voices, melodeon and fiddle, as a trio with Ian Robb, and also play with ceilidh band Hekety and concert band Melrose Quartet (with James Fagan and Nancy Kerr).
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Their latest project Off We Go Again!, released in November 2014, is a follow up to popular nursery rhyme & lullaby CD Off We Go! (2010); and in addition, Customs & Exercise, a full length studio album of songs and tunes (for grown ups!) was released in July 2012.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I buy a CD?
A: We were hoping you’d ask – visit our shop here.

Q: Are you related to folk singer Wendy Arrowsmith?
A: Nope. We’ve met her, and she’s lovely, but no relation!

Q: I’ve booked you – can I have a picture/biog/tech spec?
A: Of course – see publicity material / technical requirements

Q: Would it be ok if I performed one of your songs/tunes?
A: We’re always delighted if people like our material enough to want to play it. All we ask is that you credit us with anything we’ve written ourselves and register any recordings or performances with the relevant organisations (MCPS/PPL/PRS) so that we get our royalties. If you’re not sure who wrote what, just drop us an email! Lyrics to some of the songs Jess has written are here, plus pdf’s of some arrangements available for purchase in our shop.

Q: Do you do ‘Walk this way’?
A: No, that was Aerosmith. Again, no relation.

If you have a burning desire to know any other info about us or our music, feel free to email us.