Sheffield Family Ceilidhs

An opportunity to dance to live music on a Sunday afternoon.

Suitable for all ages.

Next Ceilidh: 28th June 2020

Caller: Jenny Reid
Band: Richard & Jess Arrowsmith, and Nigel Holmes
Interval spot: tbc
All profits to tbc

What time?  2.30-4.30pm

Where? St Catherine’s Scout Hut, Holtwood Road, Pitsmoor, S4 7BA

Tickets? available on the door: £4 adults, £2 children over three

All profits to charity

Future dates:
27th Sep 2020, Feb & June 2021 (actual dates tbc!)

We’ve been running family ceilidhs at this venue once per term since September 2014, mainly because our own and our friends’ kids love dancing at ceilidhs but they are often too late in the evening to be properly enjoyed by little ones.

We also wanted the opportunity to share what we do with the local community and raise a few funds for deserving causes close to home along the way.

Do come along, have a dance, and say Hi!

Also, please join our Facebook group to get updates and reminders.