Teaching notes – 10 week evening class

Hi! Hopefully you’ve ended up here by following a link that I have shared with you because you have attended one of my singing evening classes or workshops. This is where you can download teaching notes.

If that is not how you’ve ended up here – hi anyway! If you are interested to find out more about the teaching that I do please visit here.

For those of you who are currently or have in the past been on my “Sing Out!” 10 week evening class, here are the notes for you to download in either .pdf or .doc format.  If you are part way through the course at the moment, I’d only recommend reading the notes for the weeks you’ve already done or missed. Not much point reading the notes for the weeks that haven’t happened yet as it will all make much more sense once we’ve been through it in detail and gone through the exercises as a group etc.

Sing Out Course notes weeks 1-3     Sing Out Course notes weeks 1-3

Sing Out Course notes weeks 4-5     Sing Out Course notes weeks 4-5

Sing Out Course notes weeks 6-10   Sing Out Course notes weeks 6-10

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